Mexican energy reform and market overview: Mexico’s historic energy reform bill, approved in December 2013, is the most ambitious and promising of reforms that have been attempted in the energy field to date. It ends the 76-year oil monopoly and, for the first time, opens up the energy sector to competition from international oil and gas firms, like Viking Energy Service. What this reform has done for the natural gas and electricity market in Mexico is allow Mexico to export natural gas from the US and substantially decrease their use of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) which is 80% higher in price, compared to pipeline natural gas being produced in the US. This reform will help Mexico in many ways since natural gas will now be the main source of energy for the majority of Mexico electric plants. Mexico is now able to import natural gas at lower prices from US rather then relaying on LNG from foreign markets lowering the cost of energy for their entire population. Where Viking Energy Service sees the most value in the Mexican market is the opportunity to provide wholesale natural gas to commercial and industrial users, such as large manufacturing facilities to lower their energy cost. The timeline to start supplying wholesale natural gas to commercial and industrial clients does not start until the beginning of 2017. Currently, the government is the only entity able to buy natural gas from the US. However, now is the perfect time for commercial and industrial clients to position themselves and stay ahead of the market and take full advantage of energy savings at the start of 2017. Viking Energy Service can help commercial and industrial clients take full advantage of this unprecedented opportunity and help them instantly save money on their energy needs, starting in 2017. The future in energy looks promising for Mexico, especially for the commercial and industrial sector. As Mexican companies have the opportunity to purchase wholesale natural gas through Viking Energy Service, it will lower operation costs and increase company profits. If you own or operate a business in Mexico’s commercial or industrial sector and want to learn more about the potential savings on your natural gas and electricity costs, please contact Viking Energy Service for your free consultation. Website: Email: info@vikingenergyservice.comStart your post here...


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