Viking Energy Services is a boutique wholesale marketing firm specializing in the energy sector. Our extensive experience in the commodity market has allowed us to build strategic alliances with premier suppliers across North America. By consistently securing markets for their production we have strengthened those partnerships in a way that benefits our midstream and downstream service abilities. As a company, our mission is to provide a comprehensive, vertically-integrated suite of services that are tailored to our customers’ specific needs. As is typical in the industry we strive to identify and mitigate risks while maximizing our client's gains. We set ourselves apart from our peers by providing hands on support and the resources necessary to identify and execute high value projects in the physical and financial energy markets. Our key to success has always been transparency, integrity, and efficiency.


Based in Houston, Texas, Viking Energy Services provides a comprehensive set of services for both physical and financial energy markets. We assist with all aspects of physical trading as well as provide financial hedge platforms and capital market services through our top tier banking relationships. When Viking Energy Services first started, we were focused mainly on providing midstream and downstream services throughout the midwest. Our client-focused approach helped us cultivate beneficial relationships with superior suppliers throughout North America. In turn, those operative relationships have allowed us to expand our midstream and downstream services into the Southeast region of the US. As a wholesale energy provider, we pride ourselves on expertise, customer service, and best in class partnerships to serve our clients with all of their energy needs.



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